About Satellite 13 Entertainment

Satellite 13 Entertainment Group operates as an artist incubator specialising in artist development, artist management, digital music distribution, and record production. We work with talented people from around the world to develop high quality acts. Our passion for artist development runs deep, so we focus on strategies to help our acts grow. It's an obsession that means we cant help but push the envelope of whats possible for independent artists.


  • Global Music distribution to 100+ services
  • Reach 500 million music users in China
  • Our artists keep 100% of their copyright
  • We supply barcodes and ISRC codes
  • We supply iTunes pre-orders
  • We organize chart registration for our artists
  • We deliver to new stores as they become available
  • We offer playlist promotion via expert PR teams
  • We set up Youtube monetisation for our artists
  • We offer comprehensive sync licensing opportunities
  • Our artists get a dedicated distribution support team
  • Payments are sent directly to our artists bank accounts

We can help with press releases sent to key radio, print, online contacts.

We deliver expert advice on your timeline and release strategy.

We can help with playlist plugging to key streaming services globally

Distribution Analytics

See your streaming data from multiple services in one place with our streaming analytics and let SATELLITE 13 help inform your next moves.

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