Natalie Saint-Martin

Base Location: Los Angeles California USA

Natalie Saint-Martin’s writing is a collision of circumstances and emotions that weave stories that are quirky, relatable, dark and often times amusing. She's an energetic, passionate performer peppering each song with sounds and gestures that further enhance her lyrics... lyrics that feel like fantasy one minute yet thrusts the listener into hardcore reality. Her muse is life, and is "curious to all things weird." She finds encounters with strangers most fascinating. 

Go on a twisted journey of sound and melody with the hauntingly beautiful songs of Natalie Saint-Martin. A classically trained pianist with a modern-day hunger for the stage, she is eclectic, mysterious, versatile and powerful. Natalie weaves an elegant balance of relatable emotion, hardcore reality and tender fantasy into her vast catalogue of music. Drawing inspiration from her own journey and the harsh realities of life, Natalie’s energy overflows onto the listener. Witnessing her perform, you will be floating in the clouds alongside Natalie’s playful demeanour and upbeat personality. Only when the peace has settled, will her audience begin to notice the skies darkening and rumbling around them.

All that remains is to be blissfully engulfed in the stark lyrical darkness Natalie expertly wields at the flick of a switch. A true chameleon of style, Natalie is a master of live-performance. Mesmerizing, beautiful and painted with her signature sorrow, Natalie Saint-Martin is a jigsaw piece that fits in any combination of sound. Her soundscape of vocals are both unique and familiar. Coupled with her curious nature, Natalie embraces the strange, wild and the unknown with open arms.