Shawn Tyler

Base Location: New Jersey USA
Shawn Tyler is a singer/ songwriter from NJ who gives a creative twist on the acoustic/pop/ rock scene, and adds a dynamic hip-hop influence in many of his songs. You can hear the raw emotion from Shawn’s music ranging from love to loss in all of his songs,  and you will surely get hooked to the anthem choruses in “Magic”, “Visions”, and “ Summer Nights”. Here's how he describes his music and influences: "I've dealt with anxiety from a young age, and have always used music as an escape. Playing guitar and singing has always been a safe haven for me, a coping mechanism.

I write music about things I have experienced personally, and situations that I have seen take place. I've also been dealing with chronic pain since I was about 19 years old. I have several herniated discs in my back, and have had quite a few back surgeries that have left me feeling hopeless and in a state of despair. Music has always been there and has helped me get through the toughest times. I hope my music can help those in any situation in life feel some hope or relate in some sort of way. For me, its all about pouring my emotion into song, and if I can have an impact on just one person, it makes it that much better."