Base Location: Los Angeles California USA

Ella is an American singer, songwriter and actress from Manchester, NH currently residing in Los Angeles. She’s been noted for her vocals in Joe Bonamassa’s “Different Shades of Blue,” and has appeared in and worked on music videos for Matt Cardle, Iprevail and Joyner Lucas. Growing up in a broken home, Ella found peace in writing music and formed a rock band in high school. She decided she would pack up bags and made the journey to California, quickly falling in love with the City of Angels and getting baptized into the hard knocks of Hollywood. Her music reflects her struggle, and her persistent attitude in moving forward on her own terms

Sultry, sharp edged, neon-lit, power. Ella is an electric mix of spirituality, gritty realism and harnessing the power within to play by your own rules. Sculpted by experiencing grim realities early in life, Ella rose above and defiantly pursued her music on her own terms. Her music is overflowing with passion.

One listen will leave you breathless. Shaping her own story by crafting the remnants of a broken past, Ella found her peace and purpose in weaving her beautiful music in the City of Angels. Mixing elements of the street, life, love, loss and party vibes, Ella’s hypnotic voice will take you on a journey across the rollercoaster of life, and blissfully back again with her signature sound.

You won’t be able to resist moving your body along with her dream-like pace and flow. Effortlessly captivating, smooth and sexy, Ella’s versatile catalogue finds a welcome home blazing across any stage in the world. In her more intimate tracks, Ella showcases her relatable vulnerability and rightfully placed anger, allowing her listener the chance to be lost in her music, mourning love lost with her gentle lyrical embrace. Never to be the one left crying in the rain, Ella will bring her audience swiftly back to a position of absolute power.

Ella never shies away from the fight. She is here to win. And win in style. Ella’s music lights the way forward in sheer darkness. Dripping with her dominant lyrical flair and undeniably beautiful visual presence, Ella is a musical force to be reckoned with. It might get tough when the chips are down, but Ella always deals the winning hand in the end.