Patient Sixty-Seven

Base Location: Perth Western Australia
Tom Kiely - Vocals
Declan Le Tessier - Guitar
Rory Venville - Guitar, Vocals
Giuliano Macri - Drums

Since the release of their latest single “Where To From Here” in January, the track has garnered over 81,000 streams on Spotify. While gearing up for the release of their anticipated EP ‘Home Truths’, they have showcased their diversity by releasing covers of Dua Lipa’s “IDGAF” (554k+ Streams)  and Post Malone’s “Wow.” and acoustic versions of previously released songs. 

With a new found intensity, Patient Sixty-Seven has found their voice and aren’t looking back. Mixing clean and unclean vocals in a way that feels effortless and meaningful, they exude unforgettable emotions. Bursting at the seams with driving drum beats and melodic guitar riffs, they demand attention with creative lyrics that are relatable. Patient Sixty-Seven is prepared to take the scene by storm.